Device Policy at Westheights

At Westheights Public School, we believe that technology can be a powerful tool to support and enhance learning and to enable students to learn to think critically as responsible citizens in the global community. We believe that it is our role as educators in the 21st century to teach our students to be responsible users of technology and demonstrate good digital citizenship.  One of our goals is to encourage and guide our students to realize the impact and benefits of personal devices, such as iPods, iPads, Chromebooks, laptops and cell phones that have access to the internet, in an educational setting.  The use of devices in classrooms will be carefully planned, guided, and supported by teachers.  An important component will be education about appropriate online behaviours and compliance with all class and school rules while using personal devices.  Students using wireless devices are expected to follow the guidelines in the WRDSB Code of Digital Conduct and the WRDSB Responsible Use Policy.   This policy does NOT permit students to bring devices to school all the time and to use them freely.

At Westheights, students may choose to bring a cell phone to school.  Students will turn their cell phone off and place it in their backpack at the beginning of the school day.  Students may check their phone messages at noon, under staff supervision.  Westheights Public School is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones.

Parents/guardians needing to contact their child during the school day should phone the main office.

Devices may NOT be used:

  • To cheat or plagiarize
  • To bully or harass others
  • To take photos in private areas such as washrooms, change rooms, etc.
  • To connect to the school network to broadcast or share private access
  • To sync a personal device to a school computer

Please note: The use of camera functions on devices to capture images of any individual is strictly forbidden at school unless as part of a teacher-directed assignment.  Please be aware that taking photos in private areas (e.g., washrooms, change rooms) at any time violates Criminal Code & Privacy legislation and may be subject to internal and external disciplinary consequences.

Personal devices not used in accordance with this policy will be confiscated and stored in the office, to be picked up at the end of the day.  A parent/guardian may be contacted to pick up the device if a student has had his/her device taken away.

Headphones and earbuds

Students are encouraged to bring personal headphones and earbuds for classroom use.  Using headphones and earbuds are not necessary within the hallways for personal use outside of class time.  Students using headphones and earbuds in the halls will need to store them at the office for the remainder of the day. A parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up the headphones or earbuds if a student has had them taken away for a second time.



Dress Code

Westheights aims to provide staff and students with a learning environment that is safe, equitable, welcoming, and inclusive. We recognize that decisions about dress and headwear reflect individual expressions of identity, socio-cultural norms, economic factors, and that these are personal and important factors to a person’s well-being and health. Clothing that reveals undergarments, promotes or symbolizes drugs/alcohol, illegal activity, hate or discrimination, profanity, pornography, incites violence or harassment, or threatens health and safety will be addressed by administration.

Waterloo Region District School Board

Waterloo Region District School Board > Schools > Student Transportation > Severe Weather

Severe Weather
For up-to-date information on school bus delays, cancellations and school closures, please visit the Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region website (transportation.stswr.ca).

To contact Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region directly, phone 519 650 4934.

Information about student transportation cancellations or school closings due to severe weather is also available through the following media outlets:
•KFUN FM 99.5
•KOOL FM 105.3
•CKGL AM 570
•CHYM FM 96.7
•DAVE FM 107.5
•CJOY “Magic” FM 106.1
•CKWR FM 98.5
•KICX FM 106.7
•CKBT “The Beat” FM 91.5
•FAITH FM 94.3
•CTV – Southwestern Ontario